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Veterinary Technician (General) - Small Animal Surgery

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Urbana, IL, USA
Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Veterinary Technician (General) - Small Animal Surgery

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Job Summary

The Veterinary Technician (General) will be responsible for providing standard paramedical technical support and nursing care in a courteous and professional manner for the Small Animal Surgery service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In addition, this position may be asked to assist in other areas of the hospital based on operational need. Due to the teaching nature of the hospital, this position may also supervise and instruct professional students and veterinary technician students in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Learn to prepare patient for surgery ◦ Assist with restraint and transport of patient into surgery ◦ Position patient on surgical table according to standard operating procedures or specific veterinarian instruction (Learn all surgical positions and associated terminologies) ◦ Prepare patient for surgery (e.g., scrub surgical site for aseptic surgery, insert IV catheter, etc.) ◦ Clip patient according to standard procedure or specific clinician instructions regarding surgery site ◦ Administer medications, fluids, etc. under the direction of the veterinarian
  • Learn to prepare surgical suite, instruments and equipment for aseptic surgery
    ◦ Open and handle sterile surgical instruments onto an aseptic field according to aseptic technique.
    ◦ Operate, clean and perform routine maintenance on surgical equipment according to aseptic technique
    ◦ Sterilize and wrap surgical instruments using different sterilization techniques, such as gas, autoclave, and plasma
  • Learn to provide standard paramedical technical and nursing assistance during surgical procedures
    ◦ Provide surgeon with surgical instruments by name and function
    ◦ Respond to requests by clinicians for paramedical technical assistance
    ◦ Learn to utilize and monitor highly specialized surgical instruments and equipment
    ◦ Provide intro-operative radiographic procedures as necessary
  • Learn to provide post-surgery duties
    ◦ Assist with transport of patient from surgical suite
    ◦ Monitor patient, record vitals and recognize, report and learn appropriate response to emergency conditions
    ◦ Apply bandages and administer medications and fluids as by veterinarian
    ◦ Dispose of sharps properly and collect opened instruments for sterilization
    ◦ Clean surgical suite and equipment according to aseptic technique
    ◦ Assist veterinary staff and students assigned to the section with their treatments of surgical patients
  • Other service duties
    ◦ Prepare tissue and other specimen for submission for analysis
    ◦ Assist with maintaining surgical and drug supplies
    ◦ Enter procedures and charges into the Health Information System
    ◦ Assist with maintaining surgical log
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional Physical Demands

An environment of stress may be anticipated. The person in this position must be capable of reliably functioning in such an area. The amount of physical exertion will vary with assignments. For example, the assistant may be lifting a 40lb. dog on and off an examination table. The handling of any animal presents some element of risk or injury. Some strength and considerable caution are required when working with animals during diagnostic or surgical procedures. An ability to work in the presence of animal waste and fluids is necessary. To some degree, unpleasantness may be experienced under such conditions. This position entails operating equipment, administering medications, and restraining animals of various species for examination. Exposure to anesthetic agents may present a potential hazard. Syringes, needles, and medications are potentially dangerous and must be used with care. Persons allergic to animal dander, dust, pollen, hay, etc., may experience discomfort in this position. Work involving animals with various disease states may expose the individual to viral, bacterial, and fungal agents known to be transmissible to man. Exposure to chemicals and anesthetic waste gases may be potentially hazardous if mishandled or misused.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Successful completion or current enrollment in the final semester of a veterinary technology program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Note: Illinois Veterinary Technician Certification must be obtained within 6 months of hire and maintained throughout employment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Illinois Veterinary Technician Certification must be maintained throughout employment.
  • Familiar with federal regulations and university and hospital polices regarding the use and handling of controlled substances.
  • Skill in the operation of surgical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment.
  • Able to adapt to new technologies, procedures and equipment.
  • Demonstrate adherence to strict protocols.
  • Able to instruct veterinary medical/technician students in patient care protocol and procedures and in the use of equipment or instrumentation.
  • Able to recognize abnormalities in vital signs of patients, assess charges observed, and take necessary action in the absence of a veterinarian.
  • Able to operate on the clinical floor and anticipate needs and directions of staff and students regarding patients and methods of care.
  • Able to observe, record, compile and assimilate data.
  • Able to explain terminology used in veterinary medicine.
  • Knowledge related to the care and handling of anesthetic waste gases will be taught.
  • Able to multi-task, pay close attention to details and work calmly and professionally under pressure.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Courteous and polite.

Appointment Information

This is a 100% full-time Civil Service 4080 - Veterinary Technician (General) position, appointed on a 12-month basis. The expected start date is as soon as possible. Salary starts at $21.27 per hour. 

For more information on Civil Service classifications, please visit the SUCSS web site at https://www.sucss.illinois.gov/pages/classspec/default.aspx.

Application Procedures & Deadline Information

Applications must be received by 6:00 pm (CST) on October 13, 2023. Apply for this position using the Apply Now button at the top or bottom of this posting. In order to be considered as a transfer candidate, you must apply for this position. Applications not submitted through https://jobs.illinois.edu will not be considered. If required by the position, transcripts or other documentation of credentials are to be provided no later than the first day of employment. For further information about this specific position, please contact Valerie Eaton veaton@illinois.edu. For questions regarding the application process, please contact 217-333-2137.

The University of Illinois System is an equal opportunity employer, including but not limited to disability and/or veteran status, and complies with all applicable state and federal employment mandates. Please visit Required Employment Notices and Posters to view our non-discrimination statement and find additional information about required background checks, sexual harassment/misconduct disclosures, COVID-19 vaccination requirement, and employment eligibility review through E-Verify.

Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply and may request a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2008) to complete the application and/or interview process. Requests may be submitted through the reasonable accommodations portal, or by contacting the Accessibility & Accommodations Division of the Office for Access and Equity at 217-333-0885, or by emailing accessibility@illinois.edu.

Requisition ID: 1016905
Job Category: Technical
Apply at: https://jobs.illinois.edu

This job is no longer accepting applications

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