Farm Crew

Delight Flower Farm

Delight Flower Farm

Champaign, IL, USA
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2024

This is a farm crew position. Farm crew members are involved in all aspects of the farm field work: planting, cultivating, irrigation, pest and disease control, mowing, greenhouse management, washing buckets, and a lot of harvesting flowers. Some crew members also make bouquets, deliver flowers, and work markets/events. Crew members can expect to gain an understanding of many aspects of running a sustainable flower farm. Some days are full of many varied tasks, while others are more routine (for example, lots of hand-weeding or harvesting). While we have fun, we are also dedicated to staying focused on completing the farming tasks in an efficient manner, regardless of the rain, wind, heat, or sometimes beautiful weather. This position does not include floral design work.

You'll be asked to work along with other staff and/or volunteers, as well as sometimes on your own doing farm labor. This work often requires doing the same task for a sustained period of time while remaining focused, staying calm in a sometimes chaotic environment, maintaining safety when using tools/equipment and communicating effectively with others.

Work Logistics:

4-5 days/week (which includes rotating weekend chores or markets). Off days are Wednesdays and Sundays. Employees must commit to working through the whole season (late March through November).

We work ~6-7 hours a day, depending on the time of year. Hours vary throughout the season: usually ~25-35 hours per week. Each day will start with a brief morning meeting and a plan of goals for the day. We take 30 min lunch breaks on the farm every full day. Starting wage $15/hr with bonuses and raises possible within the first season.

Employees get fresh flowers to take home. Space is available at the farm for employees to have a personal veggie garden. Paid farm field trips will happen throughout the season. Employees are responsible for having a valid driver's license, housing, reliable transportation to the farm, and appropriate farm clothes/rain gear/boots. Employees must wear a wristwatch every day.

Desired Qualifications:

● Outdoor work experience

● Excellent communication (both in person and via text)

● Ability to make decisions under pressure

● Interpersonal skills

● Willingness to communicate with diverse groups of people, and not let socialization get in the way of farm responsibilities

● Positive attitude

● Able to stand on your feet, lift heavy loads, and do manual labor in all kinds of weather

Responsibilities will include:

● Planting, cultivating, irrigation, pest and disease control, mowing, greenhouse management, washing buckets, harvesting flowers, and other duties as assigned

● Working with seasonal staff, volunteers, seasonal interns, wwoofers, etc.

● Promoting the farm at farmers markets, farm activities, farm tours, and community events

● Supporting retail and wholesale sales of flowers

● Delivering flowers around CU when needed

Delight Flower Farm is an equal opportunity employer.