RN- Orthopedics (Inpatient)



Urbana, IL, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Job Description


Special Summer Incentive
*Sign on bonus - $15,000
*Free Health Insurance for the rest of the year
for nurses with 1 or more years experience - External Applicants Only

Position Highlights: NT4 Ortho-Urology Surgical Unit

  • Number of beds on unit: 41
  • Patient population (age, diagnosis, specifics about unit): NT4 is 41- bed unit specializing in the care of acute ortho and urology surgical patients. We are DNV certified for our hip and knee replacement surgeries. Surgical patients on this unit includes limb trauma patients, as well low acuity medical patients. With Carle being a level trauma center most regional trauma patients will be admitted to this unit.
  • Nurse to Patient ratio: 1:4-6
  • Department culture and resources: North Tower 4 is a fast paced throughput unit that highly collaborates with physical and occupational therapists. The average length of stay for most patients is a max of three days, so staff can experience the entire recovery process of the patient. We focus on being a team to provide the best and safest care to our community. Our patients appreciate the kind and positive reassurance they receive from our staff. Additionally resources for the unit include: a full-time educator, part-time educator, 2 nurse supervisors, a manager, and charge nurses.
  • Frequent nursing skills/equipment used: Wound Vacs, JP drains, Buck’s tractions, external fixators, lift equipment, orthotic devices (boots, slings, walker, etc), chest tubes, Foley/IV/Mediport insertions, Central line care and lab draws, Nursing prioritization, IV pumps, PCA pumps, Feeding pumps, SCDs, Telemetry monitoring, Patient connection

Associate's Degree in Nursing or College Diploma in Nursing

Registered Professional Nurse (RN) License Illinois upon hire and

  • Attend and satisfactorily complete all required continuing education regarding the care of acute stroke patients
  • If applicable, completes annual education as assigned to comply with DNV Hip and Knee Replacement Program requirements.

  • Performs all responsibilities and duties required by unit as specific to the scope of service. Implements procedures and theories related to the specific area of practice. Maintains up-to-date and accurate documentation of nursing care provided to assure the integration of information for use by the healthcare team.
  • Completes initial assessment upon patient admission and develops appropriate plan of care in accordance with unit standards and that is based on patient and family needs. Implements plan of care, nursing interventions, and patient care procedures. Modifies plan of care based upon continuous evaluation.
  • Takes responsibility for patient and employee safety by reporting and/or correcting safety hazards and incidents.
  • Communicates with others directly and in private when necessary to resolve issues. Offers constructive feedback to assist in the professional development of peers, and confers with colleagues to expand knowledge base. Identifies own learning needs and takes initiative to begin appropriate solution.
  • Fulfills all requirements of departmental competencies.
  • If applicable, completes annual education as assigned to comply with DNV Hip and Knee Replacement Program requirements.
  • Assess ortho and medical/surgical patients every shift
  • Educate ortho and medical/surgical patients on wound care, proper mobility, self-care, medication management, care transition needs and any additional patient specific needs
  • Coordinate with physician and surgeon partners on the care of ortho and medical/surgical patients
  • Delegate and monitor interventions of the HCT staff
  • Set up ortho traction and manipulate surgical traction devices for mobility and wound care
  • Manage wound appliances such as wound vacs, drains, pouches and other urological devices